One & Done | Damien Priest

This past weekend was WWE WrestleMania 40, and Damian Priest made his enterance with a cool looking mask. 

According to a Reddit user:

"It’s a mask that represents Puerto Rican culture and heritage. It’s called a vejigante mask. It’s a demonic symbol that is meant to scare people away. Beautiful call back."


 Name: Steve Borden (AKA Sting)

D.O.B: March 20th 1959


Growing up in Southern California, Sting was never a fan of wrestling until he started training.

Blade Runners: Sting & Rock

First adopting face paint when teaming with the man who would become The Ultimate Warrior, he would continue it throughout his career.

Amerakin Overdose


Band Name: Amerakin Overdose

Based: Oregon, USA


Bio taken from the bands website.

Amerakin Overdose is a high energy Industrial Metal act from Portland, Oregon, established in 2010 by Cody Perez. The sound is a combination of heavy guitar riffs with groove oriented beats, hypnotizing synths and a mix of heavy and melodic vocals. 


Band Name: Mudvayne
Based: Illinois, USA

Formed in Peoria, Illinois in 1996 by lead singer Chad Gray, guitarist Greg Tribbett and drummer Matthew McDonough and bassist Shawn Barclay, they released a seven track EP, "Kill, I Ougtta" in 1997, which was instrumental in them getting signed to Epic Records, with whom they released 5 albums with.

Mudvayne in the L.D.50 era


Band Name: Ventana

Based: Ohio, USA


Taken from First Avenue:

"A band biography usually referred to as a “bio” is a group of words that attempt to put a group of musicians and their collaborations into simpler terms that describe them and their performances and creations. So what words could ever describe Ventana? A culmination of efforts from Rick “stitch” Thomas of Mushroomhead, Daniel Fox, Scott Beck, Tom Shaffner, with lyric contributions by Matt Foran and Kyle Kotarski.

Self-produced with the help of MUSHROOMHEAD mastermind Steve “skinny” Felton, their collaborations contain the influences and professionalism to be expected from such affiliations. {Spanish for Window} VENTANA represents a time where we see not only the past, but also a slight reflection of our future in the dusty glass. Our efforts exist for no other reason but to bring back the type of music that inspires the listener to turn a negative situation into a positive one. The music of honesty, the music of brutal sincerity that allowed us to follow our hearts into the whirlpool that is “The Industry”."


Band Name: Anti Clone

Based: Lincoln, U.K

Current Members: CLΩNE (Vocals), Alpha (Drums, 26 (Guitar, Vocals), Kakes (Bass)


Citing Marilyn Manson, MuDvAyNe and Slipknot as their inspirations, Anti-Clone formed in the early 2010's in Boston, Lincolnshire, England.

The bands debut look featured "dirty" make up, as the band would begin to find their way.

They released their first EP "Hands Sewn Together" in 2014, they released a music video for "1984".

Jeff Hardy

Name: Jeff Hardy

D.O.B: August 31st 1977


Jeff Hardy grew up a fan of wrestling and alternative music. Two of his favourite wrestlers were The Ultimate Warrior and Sting.

Hardy would say to

"I was a combination of Sting and the Ultimate Warrior. Sting at the time was in NWA, or when it became WCW, and the Warrior was in WWE."

One & Done | Damien Priest

This past weekend was WWE WrestleMania 40, and Damian Priest made his enterance with a cool looking mask.  According to a Reddit user: "...